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MT4 Candlestick Pattern Indicator (MT4 CPI) is a software indicator by John Powell that works on the MetaTrader 4 platform providing real time buy and sell signals generated by candlestick patterns. Signals will be generated with a sound alert when certain candlestick patterns are detected.


Auto Forecast Expert is a software indicator that works on the MetaTrader 4 platform providing real time buy and sell signals, including the automatic calculation of stop losses. The indicator works on all currencies including indices, stocks and commodities and on any time frame, from 5 minutes to the daily charts.


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Instant Pip Profits is one of the many strategies taught by Mr. Kishore M in his course Instant FX Profits. This is the strategy that has made Mr. Bellum Tan (CEO of Rich Dad Asia) $50,000 in just 22 days, and with a capital of only $5,000.


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Instant Forex Profit Robot is a set of two Expert Advisors (EAs) that work on the Meta Trader 4 platform, entering and exiting trades automatically. The Instant Forex Profit Robot automatically monitors the markets for trading opportunities and when trades are entered into, a Green or Red arrow indicating Buy or Sell will be shown on the charts. The robot also executes a logical trailing stop loss, thereby maximizing profits while minimizing the risk of large losses.

Instant Forex Profit Robot works on all currency pairs that have spreads less than or equal to 10 pips and on the H1 timeframe. However the best results are achieved after the open of the London market and before the close of the US market.

Instant Forex Profit Robot comprises two EAs, known as the Momentum Robot and the Multitrader Robot which are both trend following robots.

  • The Momentum Robot utilises a short term Instant Profit strategy and will therefore identify a trend at an early stage.
  • The Multitrader Robot is on a long term Profit Maximizer strategy and will therefore only enter into a trade after the trend is confirmed.
Both the Momentum and Multitrader Robots have been rigorously tested personally by Kishore and his development team and have generated over 80% of winning trades, averaging between 10 to 100 pips per winning trade. A summary of the main features of Instant Forex Profit Robot is as follows:
  • Enter and exit trades automatically with profits
  • No trading experience is required
  • Generates over 80% of winning trades
  • Averages between 10 to 100 pips per winning trade
  • Stop loss is calculated automatically
  • Works with all major currency pairs
  • Works 24 hours at any time of the day or night
  • Easy to use without the need for any technical and fundamental knowledge
Instant Forex Profit Robot is priced at $147 and comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, traders can try it out without any risks.


Ben Chia ,  29 May 2012 19:26  

I have been using this solely on the EURUSD and EURJPY for the past 3 days. So far, it has made me profit of $364.17 trading on 1 mini contract. However, I only use it during the London session. Thanks Kishore for this robot!

Ben from Singapore

Andreas Juskowitz ,  29 May 2012 19:34  

This robot is great. I have been using Fapturbo but this is even better and so much easier to use. No complex settings, just install and run. Glad that it works for me as well as for others. I'm not too far behind Ben, profit of $224.15 in two days.


Anonymous ,  30 May 2012 07:51  

Hi Sir Kishore, I would like to buy your Forex robot. How is the delivery of this product?

Rajesh, Chennai

Admin ,  30 May 2012 08:38  


You will receive Instant Forex Profit Robot as an instant download upon making payment. Make sure you sign up with your details correctly.

Anonymous ,  31 May 2012 04:44  

Hi Kishore.

I bought the Robot yesterday. I also created 2 MT4 (FX PRIMUS1) and (FX PRIMUS 2).

Am I right to say that, at FX PRIMUS1, I need to drag the Momentum Robot and Momentum Indicator into a EUR USD (or any). At FX PRIMUS 2, I need to drag only the Multi Trader Robot and the Price Action Indicator to the AUS USD chart?

Please advise. Thank you. Bob Masri

Admin ,  31 May 2012 05:35  

@Bob Masri

You're right. It depends on whether you want to use both robots or only one of them. Follow the installation instructions closely and everything will work out fine.

Anonymous ,  31 May 2012 21:15  

Thanks for the clarification. Everything is fine now.


DHILLSENDHILL 1 June 2012 13:55  

Hi mr.kishore sir , I also very eager to get this robot. Pls give tips to create the bank account. I had the salary account in the bank Posb on my company. Is it enough to do trading? Pls give some details.
Senthil ,
Woodlands - Singapore

Kishore Mirchumal ,  2 June 2012 06:40  


To trade live account, you need to first register with a broker. Then you can transfer funds from your bank account to your trading account. But I would recommend trading on a demo first before going live.

DHILLSENDHILL 2 June 2012 15:45  

Sir, from last 1month I am practicing daily through my iPhone4. How can I approach a broker? Is it possible here in Singapore ?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  2 June 2012 18:21  


There are many brokers offering their services for clients around the world. If you want trade on mobile, just make sure the broker has this platform.

Riaz ,  3 June 2012 17:35  

hi kishore,

if i bought your robot, how could i access your members area,

pls reply me soon...


Admin ,  3 June 2012 21:21  


Before purchasing the Instant Forex Profit Robot, you will need to sign up with your username and password.

Upon making payment, you will be able to access the member's area for downloading the robot and other related information.

Anonymous ,  3 June 2012 23:01  

Hi Kishore

I checked with metatrader 4 site and found that the minimum amount to start trading is $2000 wherein your email states that we can start trading with minimum of $250
Could you clarify me on this.

Also please let me know if there is any other broker besides this which has low deposit amount and is compatible to both the EA's of your robot.



Kishore Mirchumal ,  3 June 2012 23:41  


There are many brokers that accepts a low deposit amount to start with.

Just to name a few: FX Primus, FX Solutions, Axi Trader

As long as the trading platform is MT4, Instant Forex Profit Robot can be used.

Anonymous ,  4 June 2012 00:40  

Thanks very much Kishore !

Appreciate that...

Anonymous ,  5 June 2012 20:27  

can i use your robot in $250 investment. what is the weekly profit range..

Admin 5 June 2012 22:26  


There are many Forex brokers that accept $250 as deposit for starting an account. As stated in the post above, Instant Forex Profit Robot generates over 80% of winning trades, averaging between 10 to 100 pips per winning trade.

However, it depends on your trading style. We cannot tell how much you will make in a week.

Anonymous ,  6 June 2012 03:05  


Could you let me know the following :
* Is there a limit to the number of trades which can run at one time ?
* Since the robot works on 1 hr time frame, how many opportunities does it give for one currency pair say for example in 2 hours ?
* Does the robot trade in XAU/USD ?


Suresh ,  6 June 2012 07:45  

Dear Kishore Sir, Thanks to your robot, I have finaly make my first withdrawal of US500 from my trading acount into my bank account. I am confident of more profits in the future.

God bless you Sir!

Suresh, India

Anonymous ,  7 June 2012 12:25  

Hi Kishore

Could you tell me does the robot calculate the take profit as well and exit the trade ?


Kishore Mirchumal ,  7 June 2012 20:07  


Of course. This is an Expert Advisor which will enter and exit trades automatically for you.

Admin ,  8 June 2012 03:24  

To all Instant Forex Profit Robot members:

Please be informed that due to the overwhelming response to this product, our team may take upto 48 hours to reply any technical enquiries that members may have.

Alternatively, members can also send your questions to our blog email: so that we can help to accelerate a feedback.

Thanks for your understanding.

jack 8 June 2012 05:30  

i will be buying your robot tonight. Can you suggest a user friendly broker for this robot

Kishore Mirchumal ,  8 June 2012 07:04  


Most of the brokers out there are user friendly and easy to use. Just make sure you are using the MT4 platform.

Try FX Primus for a start and try them on a demo first.

Anonymous ,  9 June 2012 00:24  


Do you suggest to use both EA's (Momentum Robot and the Multitrader Robot) on one currency pair ?

Or do we have to use only one for each currency pair.

Also could you tell me which EA works best for which currency pair.



Kishore Mirchumal ,  10 June 2012 07:42  


I would recommend one robot for a currency pair so that you could gauge which robot is working better for you. The robots work on all currency pairs but try to use them on the major pairs. The market is more volatile.

Riaz ,  10 June 2012 10:46  

hi kishore,

i bought your robot, could you please tell me that we have to use the two robots in the same account of USD 1000, or two different accounts with USD 1000 each?

the momentum robot you had given that generates the signal too late, sometime it hits the stop loss due to late signal, is there any changes to make in the settings for that robot?

please reply me soon...


Kishore Mirchumal ,  11 June 2012 20:45  


You can use both robots on one account. For the stop loss, you can change it in the settings. However, it is not recommended unless you are an advanced trader. Also, when you increase your stop loss, make sure you recalculate your lot sizing.

Money management is key.

Riaz ,  11 June 2012 23:33  

hi kishore,

thanks for your reply,

the momentum indicator generates late signal, for instance, it is giving buy signal after three bullish 1H candle, due to that case, the profit is missing and ends in loss,

to solve that issue, could i change any settings in the momentum indicator or did you recommend any possible way?

please reply me soon,


Anonymous ,  12 June 2012 02:22  


Can we use both EA's to one acount and sub differentiate some EA's for some currency pairs and some EA's for some other currency pairs.

Because both EA's wont work good on one currency pair.


Kishore Mirchumal ,  12 June 2012 19:34  


The EA has been developed based on certain principles for entering and exiting trades. The market is not so mechanical. Therefore, trades cannot be entered into perfectly.

The key is to trade long term to see profits over a series of trades.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  12 June 2012 19:36  


Of course you can. You can choose whether to use the EAs on all currency pairs or just on those pairs that you wish.

Xavier Inman ,  18 June 2012 23:41  

This robot works! It has really made me profits. However, it has to be used long term to see profits over a number of trades. There may be more losses than winners, but the net result is still a profit.

Praveen Nair ,  22 June 2012 01:14  

Hi Kishore. I have bought the robot. There are losses also because hit stop loss. Its still do make profits but have to hold for long term. Please do advice on this.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  22 June 2012 20:47  

@Praveen Nair

As explained to Riaz above, the market is not that mechanical. The Robot cannot make perfect trades all the time.

It may hit the stop loss this time but at other times, it may not.

One thing you can do is to watch your trades and exit them manually when in profit, when there is an indication of a reversal.

Praveen Nair 23 June 2012 03:11  

Hi kishore,

How many pips would be advisable to exit manually when in profit? I would appreciate if there any guidance about the robot.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  23 June 2012 23:25  

@Praveen Nair

The purpose of this robot is to enable traders to trade even without extensive knowledge about the Forex markets.

In the case where you want to exit manually, then it is a semi-auto trade. Therefore, you need to apply the various trading strategies.

For instance, you should exit when certain indicators such as MACD or RSI or even support or resistance levels are showing a potential reversal. Also, the general rule of thumb is to aim for a positive risk-reward ratio.

If you are serious about learning Forex, check out Instant FX Profits

Anonymous ,  25 June 2012 03:24  

Hi Kishore

I am using momentum indicator and I would like to put a stop loss of 20 pips.When I click on momentum indicator-->inputs--->manual stop loss and select 20 and click on save and gives me an option to save it on presets folder. But when i click on save it doesnt get saved.
Could you help me on this.


Anonymous ,  27 June 2012 16:31  

Hi Kishore

You have launched the latest version of the robot which works on M15/30, H1/4 time frame.
Once i have downloaded it to my MT4 does it automatically pick trades for any time frame or do I have to open a particular time frame chart for it to pick trades for that time frame ?
Secondly, I am sure you have tested it. Would like to know how is it better than the previous version of the robot ?


Kishore Mirchumal ,  27 June 2012 20:53  


When you are prompted to save, you have insert a name for your settings. The window will prompt you to save as *.set

You have to enter a name for it to be saved. For example: Mike.set

Anonymous ,  28 June 2012 04:16  

Hi Kishore
I already use your robot but with the launch of new robot which works on M15,M30,H1,H4 I have a question regarding the installation.
When we download it and save the robot(momentum) in expert folder and save the indicator(momentum) in indicator folder, do we remove the previous robot and indicator from expert and indicator folder respectively ?


Anonymous ,  3 July 2012 00:52  

Hi Kishore,
I don`t have any trades executing. On the Expert tabs at the bottom of the screen I get this error message: Cannot open file `C:/Program Files?FXPrimus/experts/indicators/Momentum Indicator 3.ex4` on .....(lists each pair)

Anonymous ,  3 July 2012 20:41  

i am interested to try ur robot. i have taken ur forex courese earlier but i dont have the time to sit and trade therefore i would like to use ur robot. What i want to make sure is that is ur 60days money back guarantee genuine. would i need to provide evidence of making loses and so on or my money would be refunded fully without any questions asked. In the case it does not work for me.

Admin 3 July 2012 22:24  


Instant Forex Profit Robot is being marketed on Clickbank. Kindly refer to their Refund Policy.

Anonymous ,  3 July 2012 22:38  

i have read the Clickbank refund policy and it states that "Customers requesting a return within 60 days of purchase may be approved by our customer service team if the customer provides evidence that their case merits a return" but you add states that there is a no questions asked 60-day Money Back Guarantee. I am confused on this. Please clarify. Thanks.

Admin 3 July 2012 23:07  


You just need to provide a valid reason why you want a refund. Based on our experience, there are no problems for customers obtaining a refund. Just make sure you retain the receipt for details of your purchase.

Anonymous ,  7 July 2012 02:08  

kishore Sir,

I am your student. I would like to know, when Robot start trade? is it when "powerup Buy/Sell indicator" give signal ?

Anonymous ,  7 July 2012 04:58  

I would like to know whether ur robot will work with a $500 USD account for the start. Would it be able to make between 10 to 100pips as mentioned. Thanks.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  7 July 2012 08:04  


Yes. You can trade with a starting capital of $500 but make sure you are trading mini lots. Depending on market conditions, it is possible to make between 10 to 100 pips per trade on average over a number of trades.

Anonymous ,  10 July 2012 08:39  

I just bought the robot. I got some bonuses with it. I would like to know whether the bonus in my account would stay for lifetime or is the any restricted period. Is there any limit as how many time i can view the videos.

Admin ,  10 July 2012 18:59  


The bonuses are yours for life. They will always be there in your membership area. Take your time to learn from the videos.

Anonymous ,  10 July 2012 19:14  

In the metatrader 4 after instaling the robot. The expert advisor button on the top is green and there is the smile face in the top right corner of the chart. But in the terminal window at the bottom under the experts coloum it states (2012.07.11 10:10:12 Cannot open file 'C:\Program Files\FxPro - MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators\Momentum Indicator 4.ex4' on the GBPUSD,H1)and also for many other currencies. Just wanted to confirm whether the robot is installed properly working fine.Because there were no trades since i run it from last midnight. There was no buy or sell indicator on the eur/usd chart anyways. Just want to check everything is fine.

Anonymous ,  12 July 2012 03:36  

Hi. I have a problem with the robot. I have already installed the robot and allowed live trading on my account. Robot opens 5 to six position in a row and after 3 to 5 minuted it also close all open position one by one. TP or SL price was not hit for sure. It seems that the robot is not working well. I have installed them as the video instructions on the members area. Please advice your recommendations

jeffry ,  12 July 2012 08:39  

I realised that the robot makes more trades on my fxpro account compared to my fx primus account. Why is this happening and is it normal. The stop loss should move up once there is certain profit but it is not happening. Also at time the orders are clossed even before hitting the stop loss.

Admin ,  12 July 2012 20:33  

For all technical questions regarding Instant Forex Profit Robot, please send them to Kishore's technical team at together with your user ID.

Anonymous ,  13 July 2012 20:51  

Which time frame is best and tested to earn daily profit with this robot ?


boss 15 July 2012 19:59  

hello kishore,i am an engineering student from bangalore,i dont have any experience about trading,can i use the robot and win the trades since i have a 0% knowledge about trading?and will i get the menu explaining how to install?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  15 July 2012 20:37  


The robot works on the H1 timeframe.


The purpose of the robot is to automate trades for you. You do not have to know about trading in order to use it. A manual is included to guide you on the installation.

However, if you want to intervene the trades, such as changing stop loss or exiting trades manually, then you should have some knowledge of Forex trading.

Anonymous ,  15 July 2012 22:14  

Okie! But what I mean is, You have two EA's

1) The Momentum Robot utilises a short term Instant Profit strategy.

Which time frame is best for this EA ?

2) The Multitrader Robot is on a long term Profit Maximizer strategy.

Which time frame is best for this EA ?


Ferdous Azam 17 July 2012 23:06  

Will this robot working without starting computer and laptop ?


Kishore Mirchumal ,  18 July 2012 00:20  


Both robots work on the H1 timeframe. They just utilise the different strategy.


You have to on your pc or laptop to execute the robot unless you use a VPS.

Anonymous ,  18 July 2012 09:09  

Hi Kisore,
I have a FxPro Mt4, will the robot work on it. Will it work with Fxpro broker.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  18 July 2012 19:12  


Of course. This robot works on the MT4 platform regardless of the broker.

Anonymous ,  28 July 2012 12:04  



Kishore Mirchumal ,  29 July 2012 21:29  


The robot is not restricted to a single account or PC. You can use it on multiple accounts.

Anonymous ,  30 July 2012 10:59  

I want this robot but i have only $300 in my FXCM account..This robot can properly work with FXCM Meta Trader 4 platform,,which platform good comfortable? And also how many $ minimum i will inverse?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  30 July 2012 19:31  


The robot works on MT4 platform. It doesn't matter which broker you are using. Just make sure it is MT4 platform.

With a starting capital of $300, you should trade mini lots and have a very tight risk management.

Ferdous Azam 10 August 2012 23:01  

Can you tell me, please ? What do you mean by mini lots ? As far as , I know from this website, this robot will trade automatically . So, why are you talking about mini lots ?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  11 August 2012 03:43  


1Mini lot = 10,000

1 Standard Lot = 100,000

For example, if you trade the EUR/USD on 1 standard lot, each pip will be worth $10.

With mini it will be $1 per pip.

So, if you have a small account balance, you should be trading mini lots.

In Instant Forex Profit Robot, you can set whether to use standard or mini lots. The Robot will then enter trades based on your chosen trade size.

Anonymous ,  15 August 2012 02:53  

i want to use robot in demo account, is it possible. i have a DSL line in my home 1Gb speed. can i use robot in DSL line, what is VPS a software? how to installed it, should i have to pay every month for the robot?

i want to buy robot, need more details about it

Kishore Mirchumal ,  15 August 2012 06:54  


Of course you can use it on a demo. Your internet connection is more than enough for this to work properly.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which allows you to run the robot 24 hours a day without the need to actually turn on your PC.
You need to pay for this service.

For Instant Forex Profit Robot, the price of $147 is one time payment. There is no further payment and you can use it for as long as you desire.

I do recommend using the robot on a demo first before going live.

Anonymous ,  15 August 2012 13:11  

can i use robot without VPS in demo or live account, my computer is on for 24hrs. how can i get VPS service & how to pay for this service.
for how many pc can i use robot, if i use more than 4-5 pc, any disturbance are there in robot program

Ferdous Azam 15 August 2012 17:57  

Dear Kishore M,
I glad to inform you that I have earned money £53.27 today by this instant forex robot , I did just start by fund £320 on 15 August , 2012.

My another inquiry about this robot , when I start my laptop , then I move on robot in MT 4 platform, at that time , according to your instruction, I did see smiling face in robot. But , this robot did not work to trade after activate smiling face this robot.

But, when I see to come alert Trading, this robot has worked At that time after Long time start my laptop.This day , that mean 16 August, 2012, I have faced same problem .That is why, I am really confused . Can you tell me? Is it ok ?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  15 August 2012 20:21  


You can use the robot on a demo or live account without VPS. VPS is only for those who want to trade 24 hours a day and without turning on their PC 24 hours.

There are many companies offering VPS services. Just google it and you will find them.

Instant Forex Profit Robot is not limited to a single PC. You can use it on as many PC as you want.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  15 August 2012 20:29  


When you click on the smiling face, the options window pops out. Make sure the "allow live trading" is checked.

If you tick the "Ask manual confirmation" box, then you will be asked to confirm before the Robot makes any trade.

Ferdous Azam 15 August 2012 23:09  

Dear Kishore M,
Can you inform me ? Please.
How will I check "Allow live trading "
How Will I get " Ask manual confirmation " Box ?
Finally, what should I do ?
Please inform me as briefly.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Ferdous Azam

Anonymous ,  16 August 2012 00:00  

Hai Kishore.

i am staying in Saudi Arabia, i dont have a credit card, any other step to buy the robot..

Kishore Mirchumal ,  16 August 2012 00:28  


As explained above, simply click on the smiley face and the options window will appear. Then you can see those settings.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  16 August 2012 00:29  


There are two methods to make payment, i.e. by credit card or Paypal.

In your case, you can open up a Paypal account and transfer money into Paypal from your bank account. Then you can pay from Paypal.

Anonymous ,  16 August 2012 03:12  


can i use my friends credit card and others details of me in the form for the purchase of robot

Kishore Mirchumal ,  16 August 2012 03:20  


Sure. Just enter your own details when signing up for the product. After the payment, you will be able to log in at the member's area to download the robot.

Anonymous ,  22 August 2012 02:56  

hello sir,

if i and my friend buy the robot, does the robot work same, buy n sell the currency at the same time n date or there is difference. i am staying in Dubai n my friend is in Europe...

Anonymous ,  22 August 2012 15:02  

Hi Kishore,

I have bought the robot sometime back.. the multitrader is only able to be used on FX primus.. so i need to create another account with them just to multitrader?? able to guide?? im using axitrader..

Kishore Mirchumal ,  22 August 2012 20:34  


The Forex market is traded the same regardless of where you live. It's the time zone that makes the difference. If you trade at 1pm in Dubai, your friend in Europe has to trade at 10 am since there is a 3 hour gap.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  22 August 2012 20:35  


The Multitrader Robot has been specifically tailored to a particular broker. So yes, you have to open an account with them in order to use the robot.

Harry de leon 24 August 2012 20:49  

Hi Kishore,

I would like to ask if i can start with $100 trading micro lots(.01)

Will your robot (Momentum & Multitrader) work on my broker? my current broker is HotForex


Kishore Mirchumal ,  26 August 2012 23:47  


You can use the Momentum Robot on your preferred broker as long as it is using MT4.

However, the Multitrader Robot can only be used on our selected brokers, i.e FX Primus, Gain Capital Forex UK and FX Solutions Australia.

Abdul Jabbar ,  28 August 2012 09:51  

Mr Kishore, I had Installed the Instant Profit But and the smily face is fine, but not trades made so far, please i need a help.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  28 August 2012 23:18  

@Abdul Jabbar

When you click on the smiley face, the options window pops out. Make sure the "allow live trading" is ticked.

Otherwise, the robot will not be making trades.

Anonymous ,  29 August 2012 22:51  


i had opened Paypal account, how to transfer money from my bank account to paypal account.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  30 August 2012 04:38  


Have a look at Paypal's guidelines here

Anonymous ,  31 August 2012 11:20  


for 250$ on living trading which curency is good. for how many pairs should i active robot.
please send me the curency pairs....

Kishore Mirchumal ,  1 September 2012 03:44  


Only trade one currency pair at a time and focus on the major pairs with small spreads, such as EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD

Anonymous ,  2 September 2012 19:18  


if the volume size is determined by the robot automatically?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  2 September 2012 20:56  


Do you mean the trade size? You can set it to suit your preference, i.e. standard lot, mini lot or micro lot.

Anonymous ,  4 September 2012 23:03  


who to activate robot only for 2-3 pairs
in my pc all 32-35 pairs are traded by robot

can i make the robot to trade only spreads which are equal or less than 3-4 spreads.
because my investment is 500$

robot trades same pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD) 2 times at the same time and some times it exit within one min. how to solve this..

help me in this matter or which is the right thing to install in MT4

user id: yalomani112
or mail me at-

Kishore Mirchumal ,  5 September 2012 01:09  


Click on the smiley face and on the "Inputs" tab, set "trade_on_all_currencies" to FALSE.

This will make the robot to trade on only the chart it is loaded on.

Use the robot on higher time frames like H1 or H4. Trades will be exited quicker on lower time frames like M1 or M5.

TerryFX ,  6 September 2012 00:16  

Been using this for almost 2 days. Very pleased with the results.

My trade results so far

Will ,  6 September 2012 05:52  

Great results TerryFX

Please update us on your results. Would like to see the performance of the robot on a longer term basis.

jignesh padhiyar 14 September 2012 00:52  

hi kishore sir am from india i want to buy forex robot will it work only for forex or also for commodity and and can it owrk on our indian currency market such as USDINR pair please suggest me am new to forex guide me for better succecc and good profit i want to know when ru coming to india and when is your workshop also ...thanks

Kishore Mirchumal ,  14 September 2012 03:13  


The robot works on all currency pairs that have spreads not more than 10 pips. However, I recommend using it on the major pairs. You can also use it on commodities if you like.

Mr Michael Sutton & Mrs Aisah Aziz Sutton 17 September 2012 07:25  

Hi Kishore, Your robot has been running for nearly 10 hours on 2 different account yet it has only executed 2 trades(both making profit) on one account and zero on the other. You mentioned in the manual to increase the amount of trades to raise the spread to 10 pips which I also did. Is this what I should expect? Am I doing something wrong. I have checked the manual and checked input and live trading is checked. Also in one the above comments your admin staff mention risk management. Please advise how to use risk management if the robot is automatic? Lastly you target this robot for people with very little trading experience like myself, there could you please provide us with some more written content or videos on the robot for correct usage. Thank you,



Kishore Mirchumal ,  17 September 2012 07:51  


I assume you are talking about the Momentum robot. For the Multitrader robot, it only works on selected brokers which you will find in the members' area.

For the Momentum robot, if you are not getting many trades, check the following:

Allow live trading - box must be checked
Trade_on_all_currencies - must be set to TRUE

That's the two settings that really matter to have trades.

If there is still few trades, then it really means that the market has not fulfilled the conditions of the robot.

You can also try the robot in a demo account on lower time frames like M15 or M5 to see whether there are more trades.

The manual provided is sufficient to get the robot going. There is no need to adjust the settings in the robot, other than the trading size (for risk management purposes).

Mr Michael Sutton & Mrs Aisah Aziz Sutton 17 September 2012 08:54  

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Regards, Michael555

Anonymous ,  17 September 2012 08:59  

The robot has now executed a few more trades :)) but one currency has doubled up. Should I keep both trades or end one of them.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  17 September 2012 21:05  

It shouldn't have doubled up if you have loaded the robot on one chart. This will only double your risk. You should exit one of them, preferably if it is in a profit.

Dean Lori ,  27 September 2012 00:21  

Hi guys, would like to share my results so far with this robot. Here is a screenshot.

There are four open trades as of now and all are in profits.

Bajrang Mittal Nikhil 4 October 2012 04:55  

Hi Kishore. i want to know that how many trades your robot can do in a day.

Kishore Mirchumal ,  4 October 2012 05:37  

It depends on the market really. You will never know. But you will certainly get more trades on lower time frames.

On average, maybe about 10 to 20 trades on a H1 timeframe.

thiyagu 11 January 2013 01:59  

We were unable to authorize your payment. Please make corrections to your payment information and try again, or try a different payment method. (3)

Instant Forex Profit Robot
then how to buy pls

Kishore Mirchumal ,  11 January 2013 06:53  


What method of payment did you use? Seems like there is some problem for Clickbank to process your payment. Try to use either Paypal or a valid credit card.

Anonymous ,  28 January 2013 02:36  

HI I want to purchase Instant profit forex robot , can i use my international debit card. Can I use it plz help ?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  28 January 2013 04:05  


Yes. Clickbank accepts Debit cards as well. You will have the option to choose your payment method when signing up.

Anonymous ,  29 January 2013 01:06  

Hi Kishore, I lost hope on forex bcoz i lost lot of money. I want to buy the instant pip forex robot. Will this help me & can I use it in Nordfx
mt4 platform.Help me plz, i am sick & tired. I am down in the trap...I beg u plz help....

Anonymous ,  29 January 2013 01:27  

Plz help me to use instant forex profit robot in gud forex broker..plz advise

Kishore Mirchumal ,  29 January 2013 22:12  


You can try our robot. It can be used with any broker as long as it is MT4. Once you are a member, we have some recommended brokers for you as well, in the members area.

Trade on a demo first until you are comfortable before going live.

Anonymous ,  31 January 2013 02:08  

HI Kishore, Can we use all these strategies & instant profit forex robot in GOLD as well..plz tell me...seeems to be gud robot & strategies

Kishore Mirchumal ,  31 January 2013 02:16  


Yes. The robot can used to on commodities like gold. Try it out to see it's results.

uncle gob 31 January 2013 23:07  

I can using this robot with my broker armada markets?

Kishore Mirchumal ,  1 February 2013 06:50  

@Uncle gob

Sure. As long as it is MT4.

Prasad ,  1 February 2013 21:52  

HI Kishore, I bought the instant profit robot 2day. I am planning to start trading with capital of $300. Is it ok ?

Anonymous ,  2 February 2013 01:08  

Can we use any VPS service or should we use only theVPS recommended by u. Bcoz my broker (instaforex) has got there own VPS & it is just 10 USD per month. Can I use it with ur instant profit forex robot. PLZ help ...

Kishore Mirchumal ,  2 February 2013 01:43  


Yes. You can start trading with that amount of capital, but make sure you have proper risk management, such as lot sizes, stop losses, etc. And it would be a micro account.

You can use any VPS service of your choice. No problem there.

thiyagu 6 March 2013 05:58  

dear sir paypal unable to process payment then how to buy

thiyagu 6 March 2013 06:11  

dear sir fxprimus vps is there or not

Kishore Mirchumal ,  6 March 2013 06:45  


Make sure you enter the details correctly. Clickbank does process using Paypal. For the VPS, you can use with the broker of your choice.

thiyagu 12 March 2013 19:28  

dear sir i am yesterday buy this software first i use momentum software demo 300 usd its going minus now 100 usd only how to sir

Kishore Mirchumal ,  13 March 2013 19:52  


Here are a few tips for you:

1. Try focusing on one or two major pairs first.
2. Trade during the London and New York sessions, as the market is more volatile and active during these times.
3. Trade on higher time frames, like H1 and H4 as there is less market 'noise' or false signals on these charts.

thiyagu 13 March 2013 20:59  

dear sir
if real account time frame h1 means take profit default 10 or 50 tp

Kishore Mirchumal ,  15 March 2013 22:24  


It's recommended to use the default settings first. But you can increase the TP level if it meets your risk-reward ratio.

thiyagu 30 March 2013 07:32  

dear sir if i invest 100$ which one leverage best

M A N O J 17 June 2013 09:42  

hi kishore ji
im manoj from india, kerala. how can i bought this Instant Forex Profit Robot???

pls reply..

manoj, kerala, india

Kishore Mirchumal ,  17 June 2013 19:51  


The Robot can be purchased through the link in the post above. Just enter your name and email and you will be redirected to the payment page.

It is processed by Clickbank.

Anyway, here is the link

Ben Chia ,  12 December 2013 07:09  

After more than a year, this robot still works like that day I got it. I have almost doubled my account by today. Thanks Kishore!

Rich G ,  12 December 2013 07:11  

Yes. Just closed a trade on the eurusd sell trade. 55 pips

Riaz Md 26 December 2013 11:56  

how i get your robot sir
still loss many money in commodities now
i have a idea to start forex i need robot
then my investment like 1000$ to start the forex
what is ur opinion

Kishore M ,  29 December 2013 06:54  

@Riaz Md

You can purchase the robot from this link

The robot is working fine on commodities as well. Our members have been making some good profits lately.

Alternatively, you can try my latest signal service. Check it out here

Try them on a demo account first. $1,000 is sufficient as starting capital, but please trade on micro lots.

Guru rahul 13 March 2014 10:07  

respected sir i want buy your robot...can u plz send me the link...

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